Journey through Jodhpur

Amidst the desert of Rajasthan lies the beautiful city of Jodhpur. Ruled by the Royal Rajputs for centuries (their bloodline living in the palace to this date) the golden city reflects royalty in every way.

My journey started with the Golden Fort of Jodhpur. It is a huge fortress with more rooms than you can count, built entirely of golden/yellow stones. In one part of the palace live the descendants of the king. The other part has been turned into a museum for tourists to visit and learn more about the rich history of the city.

Every room, balcony has fascinating detailing on the walls.

On the top of the fort, you get the entire view of Jodhpur. It is commonly called the ‘golden city‘ because the entire bazaar is built from the same golden sand stone.

Talking of bazaar, you can roam the streets in a rented motor bike available there or in autos which have -wait for it- free WiFi!

I spent a good amount of time sightseeing and then in the evening, I went off to desert safari.

Open jeeps ride over sand dunes and drop you in the middle of nowhere. You can get camel rides for pretty cheap there and roam the desert. A word of caution: The camels can run really fast

At night, the locals sit around bon-fire and sing and dance. Actual folk dancers can be seen performing the Rajasthani folk dance.

Best time to travel to Jodhpur- Autumn season.

Happy Travelling!

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